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Top 5 Skills to be Learned in 2018

1. Coding
Coding is the act of developing actions to certain combinations of keystrokes. With a detailed combination, entire websites can be formed. The combination assigns fonts, colors, pictures, and graphics to websites. Due to the huge increase in popularity of online activities and services over the past decade, coders are at the highest demand in the job market than they have ever been. This increase in demand has increased the salary since the supply has not been able to keep up.

2. Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is a form of marking done primarily through internet platforms. It’s the promoting of various brands using internet ads, websites, or social media. With the boom of digital use, simultaneously comes the marketing and commercial aspect for companies needing to promote different products or services. Just like coding the increase in demand for web services has sky-rocketed bringing its high paying salary along with it.

3. Project Manager
With the world growing more layered and inter-invested, tasks have become that much more difficult. Events require teams of skilled workers focusing on separate aspects. Project Managers oversee those aspects, being sure that everything works together to obtain the desired outcome. This work can be done for public events, computer tasks, or any other project which requires a team of people. This skill is used in many careers and being the managers manager means an increase in pay.

4. Excel
Although excel is not a technical job position, it is a skill that almost all positions require and use frequently. At the beginning excel was seen as a simple program that calculated charts automatically. Nowadays, excel can be used to automate application functions, data recovery and spreadsheets, analyzing and storing data, or security. Being well educated and proficient at excel can put you far in front of the competition in 2018.

5. Public Speaking
Public Speaking has become a new type of entertainment. With the popularity of social media, appearances have also become important. Those with a high social media presence benefit by getting paid to speak in front of a hand full of their follower and then they get to call themselves public speakers. The crowds enjoy watching motivational or exciting speeches. It moves them in a way that a PowerPoint slide could not. Being able to speak well in front of a crowd and persuade them to believe in either you or a product can be proven to be useful in many careers.

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