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10 Weirdest Jobs All Around The World!

Hey guys its me John Frost and today We are talking about the 10 wierdest jobs in the world today !

• Train Pusher
Their job is to push people inside the train and for that strength they had taken training for upto 6-7 months. During the heavy traffic and rush hours in Japan, the railway station attendants called pushers and they have the responsibility of pushing passengers into their respective trains.

• Sex Discriminator For Chickens
In this their job is to find the gender of newborn chickens.
They do this through a method called a venting which is physically squeezing the baby chick until it poops or pees, the Chicken Sexers will be able to see the chicks genitalia, allowing them to distinguish its gender.
And their salary is up to 50 thousand dollars a year wow I mean just wow.

• Elephant Dresser
In countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Korea elephants aren’t just specimens at the zoo.
They also take part in many events and festivals where they are dressed up and used to parade around the streets. You can’t just have anyone dressing up the elephants, there need to be specialized elephant dressers.
They are in charge of picking the appropriate outfit and creating beautiful costumes.

• Taking Venom From Deadliest Snakes
Its seriously dangerous jobs in the world because they have to take venom from every dangerous snakes to make antivenom and medicines for people who are bitten by various dangerous snakes. No way in hell I would this!

• Dog Food Taster
This is the weirdest job were the pet food company hire someone to taste the food for dogs so they can find the quality of the product.
They have to hire someone because a dog cannot justify the food.

• Human Scarecrow
One of the weirdest job in the world is a human scarecrow as they have to stand in the middle of the field despite any weather changes.
It is a very tough job and the pay is also less as they get three thousand dollars per week.

• Professional Sleepers
Hotels pay people to test their beds and then write reports about their experience in order to know if the service they offer to their guests is up to the standard.
The requirements are quite simple – to be fluent in the official language of the hotel and being fond of sleeping.
How lucky are they?

• Adults Toy Testers
Oh my god !!!
Yes you are right this is a legitimate job.
If you are feeling adventurous, you can start a career in Adults toy testing which pays approximately $39,000 a year.
The advantage is you can work from home and also get a lot of freebies in toys, lingerie and products designed to fulfill specific fetish niches.
Companies that produce sex toys hire people to test their products in order to see if they are effective and if they are going to sell well.

• Human Alarm Clocks
The human alarm clocks call their ‘bosses’ in order to wake them up and also remind them of their daily tasks and schedules.It like getting kids up for school!

• Professional Cuddlers
Professional cuddlers are quite literally paid to cuddle.
The biggest cuddle market is in Japan where youngsters are quite apathetic about love and marriage and instead focus on their careers which then makes them quite needy for a cuddle from time to time.
Truthfully I think i would like this job ,Unless the person snores very loud then oh god.

So there you have it folks top 10 wierdest jobs in the world and with the world we live im sure there are crazier. Till next time friends