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When it comes to retail, we get down to business

Retail sector solutions for busy stores

Retail staff with strong customer service skills are in high demand. Retail establishments have been under increasing pressure to provide their customers with a more personalized experience. Increasingly, consumers are becoming more comfortable conducting business online, rather than in physical stores. This has led to a decline in traditional retail spaces, which have been hard hit by the economic downturn. Long-term solutions to the challenges of the retail industry will require a shift in the industry’s mindset and approach, away from the traditional “showroom,” “store,” and “offices,” and towards a more “walkable” retail environment. Our retail staffing solutions can help your business flourish, despite these changes.

As the retail industry has evolved, so have the skills required to succeed in it. Today, a retail associate primarily serves customers, maintains the store environment, and interacts with other associates, not only in their department, but throughout the store. They must be able to handle all types of situations, including those that require immediate action and those requiring a more deliberate approach. They are expected to provide a high level of service to their customers, while keeping track of their own sales and inventory.

Many retail employers have been struggling to find qualified candidates to fill job openings. Even when a candidate meets the qualifications for the position, employers have been faced with challenges in finding, recruiting, and retaining talent. This has resulted in a shortage of qualified candidates for open positions, which have resulted in longer job searches and higher hiring costs for retail employers. Fortunately, Hirekeyz have access to a large and qualified talent pool so that you can fill open positions quickly. We provide a range of retail staffing services, such as temporary staffing, strategic hiring, and backfill services.

Why choose Hirekeyz for retail ?

Hirekeyz understands the complex challenges of retail staffing. Between rising costs and a shifting customer landscape, many retail establishments find themselves in an incredibly vulnerable position. That’s where we come in. From store associates to shift managers, we can find you exceptional candidates at a fair price. We assess your company’s current staffing situation and offer innovative solutions that deliver exceptional results. Using the most up-to-date data and technology, we help you explore your company’s possibilities. Our staff can guide you towards reaching your short and long-term business goals. Contact us to speak with one of our dedicated retail staffing consultants today.