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Over the last decade, the demand for IT services has been growing at an unprecedented rate. This has led to a shortage of skilled IT professionals in many industries, including healthcare, retail, and banking. These companies usually hire outside IT services companies to meet their short-term needs. This shortage has also led to higher costs for companies and, as a result, has negatively impacted the health of the U.S. economy.

Technology is changing the way companies do business, and service-based companies need to adjust their approaches to keep up. One area where this is particularly apparent is in the field of IT staffing. Historically, IT staffing companies have been the primary source of talent for service-based companies, providing them with the specialized skills they need to grow their businesses. However, as technology becomes more accessible, and service-based companies expand into traditional industries, they’re turning to technology companies to meet their needs.

One of the most pressing IT service staffing challenges we have today is the lack of available candidates with the right skill sets. While there is no shortage of resumes, many of the candidates who have the skills and experience to fill a job are not available to fill a job. This is because the job market is extremely competitive, with many candidates chasing a limited number of roles and positions. This has resulted in candidates being forced to choose between jobs that do not match their skills and career ambitions or to stay in jobs that do not match their skills and ambitions.


The technology industry has experienced tremendous growth. The industry has evolved from a few small companies to a large, global sector that employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country. The rapid growth of the industry has led to a corresponding increase in demand for technology services, which has placed strain on the existing supply chain. Companies have struggled to find skilled professionals to fill open positions, which has resulted in a shortage of talent in the sector.

The IT service staffing industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth cycle as well, with demand outstripping supply and the number of job openings far outpacing the number of skilled candidates. This has led to a wide range of companies utilizing a range of recruitment methods to find the right IT service professionals. This includes utilizing traditional job posting methods, such as posting job openings on job sites and job boards, but also utilizing various recruitment methods, such as cold calling, job fairs, and networking. This has resulted in a large amount of competition for the best candidates, which has in turn resulted in an elevated level of skill and talent required to find the best candidates.

At Hirekeyz, we take the guesswork out of staffing for IT services with our streamlined candidate acquisition process. The industry is always evolving and so are we. We help you tackle your hiring challenges head-on with ongoing support available 24/7. If you’re struggling to find talent, reach out to our team anytime.

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